Re: Re: Move from Southern France to Valencia Region



Ethkatnev I think you have made some very good points in the above posts (too many to mention 🙂 ) I know many who would like to sell but don’t need to until the time is right. The Costas are different, not everyone is desperate to sell. I know someone who has a holiday home on sale, they paid £25,000 for it yonks ago. It is really nice, all modern, great position. Been on sale 2 years+ at 225,000, probably worth about 140,000, they have no intention of reducing!

As for internet browsing, there is no way to tell what is a bargain if you do not know the area. Also many websites have property on that has already been sold, don’t exist etc. Real bargains in good areas would never get as far as a web portal in most cases.