Re: Re: More Economic Bad News for Spain


You really have lost the plot now Marcos, check your posts and see your history of vitriol ❗

You cannot ignore (or maybe you can) the facts stated by economists and others about Spain’s economic woes, it’s disastrous property market, predictions for what next. However you have stated several times that things are maybe right for buyers now whilst saying you want the market to fall further for yourself. Should buyers believe your hype, well let’s hope they don’t fall for it, you could cost people a lot of money? Did you mean Spain and not Sain? Have I said you are paid by the Gov’t? I am determined to show you are not an agent, because you might mislead people if you were : 😆

Not here to gloat but to report the truth to warn others : 🙄 I remind you of your boast that you will ‘double your efforts to post good news’ in one of your fits of pique.

Also noticed you ignored the topic ’10 reasons not to buy in Spain’ written by EOS, and the maths 🙄 You also ignore when asked ‘why don’t you move then’, clearly seems you cannot otherwise you’d be there no doubt : 🙄

As long as you post, I’m sure we will too, one day you might get it right about some miraculous recovery, however it’s not predicted soon 🙄 🙄