Re: Re: More Economic Bad News for Spain


As if things can’t get worse for Spain, you know, they like to shoot themselves in both feet, they’ve now said they are going to impose a new tourist tax from this Summer 😡

This takes the form of a 7 Euro per person departure tax, so on a hard stretched family of 4 who already pay lots of airline extras on top of basic fares, a further 28 Euros. Not much you might think, but that 28 Euros would probably buy a Full English Breakfast one day of their package for the family of 4 who typically invade the crowded Costas, such as the tattoo brigade with bald heads and Union Jack shorts, the men I mean, well I think it’s the men 😆

Oh Golly gosh, ay’ve become a fwightful snob 😆

Only jesting, but Spain will make it’s customers pay for it’s own profligacy rather than it’s bent Government Ministers, so expect their tourism figures to drop immediately 🙄