Re: Re: More Economic Bad News for Spain


I usually agree with your views Zoro but in this I’m poles apart. Forgive me but your post has a whiff of moral indignation rather than a pragmatic argument.

One of the principal reasons I left the UK many years ago was the ruinous taxation rates of Dennis Healy & Co. If my memory serves it was around 90% for higher incomes. ‘Tax until the pips squeak’ was the motto of the Labour Party who squandered taxpayers money supporting a left wing agenda and bankrupted the nation.

I am at a loss to understand why tax has suddenly become societies new moral issue. The current UK government is being disingenuous trying to convince people tax has that dimension. Osborne started it and DC followed as he often does.

Giving to charities is a moral issue, being taken to the cleaners by the tax man is not and never can be. Al governments waste taxpayers money. Take a look at the UK social security budget. Can it ever be ‘moral’ to pay idle, feckless people a reasonable income to do nothing, whilst their neighbours work hard all hours of the day to support themselves? Can it be moral for governments to spend our money on hopeless foreign wars?

High taxes are usually imposed on a society by governments to fulfill a political party agenda and service it’s borrowings. Spain has wasted billions on useless grandiose projects and is now raising taxes to force the people to help pay for it. Where is the morality in that?

Tax is an imposition and I believe if it’s possible to legally avoid or more practically reduce it we have a responsibility to ourselves to do it. With that liberty we can then choose our own methods of contribution to society.