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@jugo wrote:

Does anyone know anything, good or bad about Monte Pego ( Juan Porsellanes) or the names of any good builders in Northern Cala Blanca.

Thank you Mark for your recommendation of a lawyer.

I have no personal experience of Monte Pego (Juan Porsellanes) but they have an impressive website and some unique selling points which if true are excellent. For example they state they do not need agents to market their properties and they are not looking for an immediate reservation deposit so viewers can leave their cheque books behind. They also say that on their inspection trips you are free to view other firms’ properties. If I buy in Spain I woud certainly check them out especially as I really like the Northern Costa Blanca, apart from the fact the Valenciano is the main language and I have been learning Castillian.

Jugo if did you get any feedback on the firm I would interested to hear this by PM or e-mail (