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Please find my answers belo win green

shakeel wrote:
Hi Maria,
what is a sufficient qouram ? According to provision 16.3 of the Horizontal Property Act all the owners need to be present and decide it. in terms of number of people present/proxy or area by M2 ?

If, I want to call a meeting. For the calling of a meeting is needed the 25% of the owners or the representantives of the 25% of the shares of the community.Can I do it ?, What you are entitled to do as an individual owner is to include a topic in the agenda for the next ordinary or extraordinary meeting ( provision 16.2 2º paragraph) what sholud be the venue, how do I invite other owners ? will leaving a date of meeting/Agenda in their letter box is suffecient ? To include a obligatory be listed in the topics to be discussed in the Announcement of the GM.
How does one ties up the practical isuues with the legal in this instance ? Make a good proposal to be discussed in the next general meeting and you will be actually leading the discussion of anything you consider of interest for the community. I donñt know if I am answering your question or not??[/quote]