Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Yes Chris, there are plenty of reductions with Viva… It was you who ask if ‘Viva should give up and rollover’ not me and I wasn’t suggesting that 🙄

True, I don’t even know why I said that, I didn’t mean it like it now looks or sounds, sorry.

And yes it is all subjective, there are some great priced properties in the region and at or around the price Katy is talking about, and I am amazed how some sell almost instantly and others take forever, it can all be very strange.

But, hey what’s normal anymore?

And we very conscious that we have to change, improve, learn and basically become a very different entity in the future, cos we know you are out there Angie, and we are listening and accepting what you say. But then, it is the Vendors right to price at their price, but will keep you abreast of what if anything happens and we all see.

And sorry, again I didn’t meant to put words in your mouth at all, or give that impression. I wasn’t even being sensitive cos you have given us a much worse rap over the knuckles than this before!