Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property


Chris M

@angie wrote:

Thank goodness you posted that reply because I really didn’t want to post some comments from amongst those 11500 clients if you know what I mean, I know you were rattled because you tend to overstate when you are but please don’t try and tell me not to get involved with either vendor or agent massively overpriced property, (I’m trying to stop this practice and will continue to do so) I always do my homework on topics:roll:

Back to this property, you did say ‘wait and see what happens to it’ well it virtually halved in less than 2 months, had it sold no doubt you would have told me ‘there you are Angie, we’ve sold it at that price,’ (overvalued by whoever) and a rather large commission would have been gratefully received no doubt 😉

Perhaps discombobulated rather than rattled, I think that is that right word.

And you go right ahead with your campaign, I am 90% behind you also, and wouldn’t dream of telling you what not to do!

Presume you would rather have me contribute to the forum than not though?