Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property




‘I am no saint here, I bear my own share of guilt for what happened in the market between 2002-05 particularly, but some things you just can’t stop and you have to ride the wave in, so let’s be sure I am not without fault’

Confession of an estate agent in Spain, guess who? đŸ˜†

So ‘Spain is not comparable to the UK in terms of agents setting the prices’ so when some of the large agents in Spain were buying up or reserving whole blocks of flats and town houses and sticking as much as 30% on top as their commission (fact), it wasn’t the agents setting the prices then??? Oh, and suckering in unfortunate gullible buyers en-masse đŸ˜¡

No wonder Spain got in such a mess, unregulated agents and still not addressed by the Spanish Gov’t This may make me ‘bang my drum even more to warn newbies about buying in Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and the rest. đŸ˜†