Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property


angie I don’t agree with you there. Chris will ofcourse try and be positive about the market and I can notice that some on here takes offence to that. If anyone wants to try and offload “to” highly priced properties as an agent it’s only their problem and no one else because they will be working for free since no one will buy it. What makes the situation different from The UK could be that agents have more direct costs like news magazine advertisements etc. Agents using exclusive contracts etc. Most advertisements in Spain is done solely on the internet so it doesn’t cost the agent anything. When I worked in Spain I used to tell the sellers “if they didn’t agree with my valuation” that we could give it shot for a few months at that level just to proove my point and then lower the asking price. To be honest I regret this way of doing business because in the end their property never sold and gave me a bigger work load and the sellers a false sense of hope. In 99,9% the buyers won’t even want to view these kinds of properties because the expect the sellers to be in Lalaland.