Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property



flosmichael. when you say ‘why would Chris care’? sort of staggers me, as I said previously most reputable agents in the UK would not take an overpriced property on their books, it makes the agent look bad and unprofessional too. Surely it’s about scruples, surely the agent is there to advise both seller and buyer. đŸ™„

If Chris is head of Viva then he has some responsibility to both vendor and buyer as potential new clients.

Yes, most people won’t pay that price even halved, but what if some sharp sales person tells some naive buyer ‘it’s new on, well worth the money, you cannot lose etc’ where have we heard that before, then finds out they are truly shafted, turn the clock back a few years, they were almost all at it then and that’s why so many on here have their own experiences of being shafted? đŸ˜¡

Scruples, you can’t beat them đŸ˜‰