Re: Re: Massively overpriced Property



Chris, I appreciate it’s a free market but surely the agent should advise in such cases where a property is priced at a likely double it’s value! Most reputable agents in the UK will clearly not take a property on their books if a vendor is being greedy, it wastes everyone’s money including the agent’s and could have serious implications for some poor (or rich) soul who trusted the agent but ended up massively overpaying, so why don’t agents in Spain adopt the same standards? Suppose it was your relative that walked into an agent and ended up paying twice what they should?

I knew it was overpriced and suspect most people could see it too but there’s always someone who will believe anything they see or hear, it’s not acceptable! 🙄 You did reply to me that ‘we will see what happens with the property in a few months’ and less than 2 months on it’s almost halved in price, as I said, it was a ‘leg lift’ by someone 😡

After all, it would go a long way towards instilling some trust in the Spanish property market. 🙄

As for Trump a known c—k, he can afford to pay high commissions, did you see that programme on him a while ago , nasty piece of sh-te whilst at the same time destroy the Scottish landscape to boot 😆