Re: Re: Martinsa Fadesa


I am in the exact same position as you, filed on 25th and a completed building. From what I here all completed bulidings will eventually receave
there LFO. my lawer hasnt givent me much info eather but i think thats because she really cant predict the outcome accuratly, but I here that the LFO may take a few years to organise. if no LFO is ever issued
we are automaticly on the master creditors list for a refund of all moneys paid, but dont think for one minute that you will ever get 100% of your money back. please note that if you want out of the contract regardless of any LFO you will have to file to sue fadesa for breach of contract(DELAYS) before any LFO is issued, once the LFO is issued you are required to complete. but if you sue you will be treated as a creditor and remember dont expect all your money back.
Personally I,m waiting for the LFO.
remember i,m not a lawer always seek legal advice before any decision making.