Re: Re: Margaret Thatcher dead, is it true?


Gary – I don’t think Mrs T was actually homophobic. She came from a generation whose culture and beliefs taught homosexuality was wrong and an ‘abomination’. That was hideously wrong as our societies have now realised.

Mrs T did not really like other women either and preferred the company of handsome upper class heterosexuals who would admire her femininity.

These are of course her particular human failings. All of us have failings to some degree. However as I have said before on here her achievements far and away surpass such failings of character.

It’s a useless exercise to look at history through the eyes of the present. The vision becomes distorted. Such as Prime Ministers travelling the world and apologising for atrocities committed during colonial times in the nineteenth century.

Injustice I agree is still injustice no matter how much time has passed but it also teaches us how not to behave in the future.