Re: Re: Margaret Thatcher dead, is it true?



@Ardun wrote:

I will never forgive her for covering up Hillsborough though we will never really know how involved she was in that directly.

I disslike Thatcher for her attitude/posturing, showing no real sympathy for regular people having their lives severly altered with “her” changes. I loved her for her boldness and high economic knowledge. She was a “nerd” and didn’t play the political game as much as others in most cases. Her stance on the Falklands are another thing I love about her. It’s one thing going to stupid wars but to defend your own people all across the globe though it would have been easier to just give it away to Argentina. They only wanted the Falklands for their own populistic reasons with no concern to those who lived there.

The Hillsborough thing is a new one on me. I thought it was just a police cover up.

I personally think she screwed up in her third term. Her second term had been a success (defeat of the miners and successful privatisations). The problem was that with any reform there would be some losers along with the winners, and she should have waited to see exactly what the social effects of her reforms were before carrying on, slowing down or changing direction. She had a great systematic brain but terrible empathy. In fact Tories in general tend to be poor social reformers and end up lurching to the right because they can’t relate to the social issues at hand (section 28 being a classic example).

I think this is quite a good article on why she was devisive: