Re: Re: Marbella property market recovery?


50% of numbers in the mid 2000’s is frankly incredibly good (if your figure is correct Fuengi); and this is in the middle of a dire recession; imagine when “green shoots start to appear”. Let’s not forget that 50% of sales in the mid 2000’s were idiots buying two or three units thinking they could flip them……. so maybe real sales figures (ie real end users) are not down that much.

regarding figures for last year (2010) many of the sales completed in the first six months were off plan purchases effected in 2007/8 etc …. so maybe, REAL sales for 2011 are actually UP 😉 😉 😉

of course blood and tears are still everywhere with businesses closing every week, and many more still to go as we stare into the abyss – Spain will emerge as a favourite again – ¿who wants to buy in North Africa, Sicily, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cape verde???????? nobody!! 😆 😆 😆