Re: Re: Marbella property market recovery?


well, I don’t know if it’s on the mend yet; but I have four friends in La Zagaleta who’ve sold in the last six months; another after five years languishing on the market now has three novios “interested buyers” making offers. It must be said that these sales were concluded at 50% of initial asking prices; ie down from approx €8,000,000 to E4,000,000.FYI, around thirty houses in LZ have sold in the last 24 months.

In central areas agents are busy showing bargains to prospective buyers. From what I hear the first six months were quite good but since July nothing much is going on apart from the odd sale.

The town hall is working like crazy cleaning the place up and I believe when a few green shoots appear in the world economy Marbella will fly!!!!!!!!there is a huge amount of money sitting on the sidelines waiting for the green lights!!!!!!!!!!! 😐 😐 😐