Re: Re: Luxury golf resort becomes social housing project


Murcia is the smallest and poorest autonomous region in Spain. You really can’t blame the local mayors for granting planning permission for just about anything, even airports, in order to help their poverty stricken local people with jobs.

Thinking about apportioning blame for such disasters as the luxury golf development posted by Logan, I can’t think of blaming anyone. But buying such a property should carry a health warning for gullible foreign buyers.

But there is a health warning on cigarette packets nowadays, they scream Smoking Kills at the buyer, and still they buy them.

And if you like a game of golf and you’re sitting in the rain-sodden UK looking at pretty websites of golf courses in the sun, then you could find yourself playing golf in the sun, on a course surrounded by ugly, graffiti-covered flats, and abandoned shopping trolleys on the scorched ‘greens’.