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You can’t save people from themselves.

Perhaps not but you can at least try. That’s my reason for being on here. I think the forum does a job like no other.

Noble thoughts, Logan, and I’m not being facetious.

I’ve spent the last five years trying to put people off from buying in Spain at this time. But at the same time I’ve advocated people renting in Spain to enjoy a lifestyle far removed from the drudgery of the UK, a relaxed life in the sun among some of the most foreigner friendly people on earth.

Of course it’s a personal thing, France is your chosen place and good luck to you, it wouldn’t be right to mention Cyprus at this stage but it was a place I seriously considered too, and Florida, and San Diego on the west coast of the US, even Malta when I wasn’t thinking straight.

And Gibraltar, until one of the apes nicked my ice-cream.