Re: Re: Lorca Resorts


Appreciate ladies that people can be unknowingly co-erced into seeing things through rose coloured gafas and because of that I have reported what I saw. Not what I heard.
So personally would never recommend anyone buy anything until completed and even then it’s not neccessarily problems free.
To be honest with you all we went soley to see the greens because our bermuda grass isn’t as good as theirs.

When I said nothing could be built in front of these particular apartments, which are built on an slight incline, was because approx 10 metres in the front of all the 5 blocks are a long line of swimming pools which are already installed. The other-side of which is at the edge of and near to one of the greens on the golf course. So unless they demolish what has already been installed then nothing can be built infront of them.
Hopefully there will be sufficient planting between the course and pools otherwise privacy could become an issue. Not to mention inept golfers aiming for the pools!!

Of the sales pitch that all future builds will have front line views I have made no comment because none have been built.

Because where they state the next facilities are to be built , in a dip behind a big hill that has lots of forestation between it and the apartments, I can well believe that building work won’t be noticable. But if neccessary I will stand corrected.

We are next invited, in December, when those who have already bought have moved in. Be interesting to see how many flats are occupied. And of what nationality.

Their plan of inviting local residents is that, if ever we so desired, they would be prepared to purchase our properties in exchange for one of theirs.
In theory sounds great but in practice we would lose heavily particularly at the prices they are quoting at the moment. So reserve judgement on that.

Anyway will report further on what I SEE not hear . Be imho good or bad.