Re: Re: Lorca Resorts


Another two examples of the strength of marketing a dream:

Friends came out to Spain looking for a holiday home. They had a budget of 18 million pesetas (lots of apartments at that price then). They went around with an agent, saw a few and were then taken to look at La Reserva. Not even a block of concrete had been laid. They called in with the brochures, full of the “dream” ooooh we can choose our own tiles and kitchen units ๐Ÿ™„ Within a few hours they had put down a deposit. They went over their budget by at least 10 million pesetas. Not only did they have to wait 2 years to holiday in it (when they could have bought something visible within a month…they got the pylon!

Another friend decided to move full-time to Spain. One afternoon they were about to buy a nice re-sale villa close to Las Brisas. Next morning they reserved a plot on the road to รญstan. Looked wonderful up there….cos nothing had been built. It was going to have a exclusive country club atmosphere, 5* hotel….get the drift ๐Ÿ˜† 3 years later they got their villa, totally lacking in privacy, about 20 steps to the front door. For the next 3 years they lived on a building site whilst apartments were being built, partially obstructing their view. They did sound wonderful in the brochure :mrgreen: