Re: Re: Looking back


In our frustration, are we now calling to jail people for the offence of being intelligent? To work for Goldman Sachs you need a top degree in Economics and your sole purpose in life is making money for the company. Those bankers are not social workers, but when a company or country asks for their expensive advice, they get the best there is.

In the years prior to 2008, governments like the UK praised their bankers and the City, the City alone made the country rich, and still does. We heaped honours on them, the top dogs were all made Sirs or even Lords.

Is fixing the Libor rate any different to supermarkets getting together to fix the price of bananas? Or a country printing monopoly money?

Having said all that, if they’re looking for a volunteer to operate the guillotine as the bankers heads roll, I’ll volunteer. They lost me a packet.