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@katy wrote:

Rocker you can try to dismiss the writer just because the article isn’t coming out with the hype you want but he has named quotes in there…they said it not him. I am sure most people would find that more reliable than a couple of ex-pats selling property saying the Russians are coming…or was that the Chinese 😆 😆

If you’re looking for balanced views about the EU, then you’re looking in the wrong place and I must respectfully say that balanced views are not what you’re looking for judging from your posts.

But I have no complaints and enjoy a lively discussion.

I only wish I had bet against everything recommended by Ambrose over the years, I would be very rich now.

If you analyse his quotes in any of his articles you will find them blatantly out of context and only meaningful to Eurosceptics and he is employed by the Telegraph to write what they want to hear.

I once watched an interview with Ambrose when he let his hair down and laughed about the rubbish he had written over the years. He said something like, ‘I’m paid £100,000 a year to write for the Eurosceptics and I’m not going to stop.’ He was laughing all over his face.