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Hi every one i don’t know if i’m doing the right thing adding a new post so please accept my apologies if i’m wrong.
Me& my hubby are planning to move to spain early in 2010 we were going to sell our property over here and buy over there but i was diagnosed with a malignant kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed last october 2008 i was very lucky as the cancer was contained in my kidney so i’ve had no further treatment but as with all cancers there is always a chance of a secondary one so we are very wary at the moment so decided to find a longterm property to rent ,moving abroad as always been our dream and my hubby retires in january so if we don’t do it then we never will. I would appreciate any advice on the subject ie. what rentals include what other bills would we be likely to get, is it better to go through an agent or rent private, it seems a maze at the moment but along with everyone else we have heard some terrifying stories with dodgy deals etc so any sound advice would be very welcoming. I should add that we are thinking about mainland spain but we are willing to look anywhere, we are planning a holiday in september and would love to know if anyone knows a good place to visit and perhaps look at some sites where there are rental properties. I do look forward to hearing from someone and would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this.
Kind regards maisyrae

im replying to this from a personal perspective (having rented here for the past 5 years) and not from a Lawyers perspective just in case anyone is wondering!

Not ALL agents are bad or dodgy, so please dont go into this thinking the worst – we have used some that proved to be helpful not only when searching for the property but during our occupancy too. We always rented unfurnished as I prefer to have my own things around me – for unfurnished you should only be asked to pay 1 months deposit plus 1 months rent when you move in – for furnished some landlords will request 2 months deposit to cover the additional risk of loss or damage to furnishings etc. I would not recommend accepting to pay deposits outside this – there are plenty of other properties to choose from if a landlord or Agent digs their heels in and tries to get more out of you!

Renting through private ads etc has also worked well for us – maybe we have been lucky but to date we have had no problems with either type of approach.

We currently rent long term direct from a Developer which means we have a brand new apartment in a lovely location at a good price. More and more developers seem to be offering this option – it makes some sense as they arent selling too many at the moment so having a tenant in paying rent is good for everyone concerned.

Make sure you receive a proper Rental Contract – they are generally in Spanish but some have English translated pages – I personally have always had mine checked out at work given I work in a Lawyers office! But its always best to err on the side of caution as you would do with any contract in the UK.

And finally I would strongly suggest that you dont pay anyone anything without having seen a property first, dont pay holding deposits over the telephone for example … you really do need to be here to see and touch the property you are considering renting …. some pictures dont do a place any justice at all … others give you the impression all is lovely when in reality you wouldnt keep your dog in there!

Good luck.