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Well done Arthur. It would be great to deduct expenses. Does anyone know how the base liquidable is calculated on an IBI demand and what it’s there for? I can only find it in relation to inheritance tax…

Re your question regarding “Base Liquidable”
I have used the IBI terminology in order to try not to complicate matters more than they are. Note that IBI may use abbreviations for most terms!

Base Liquidable is intended to damp down the impact of the (often drastic) increase of the “Valor Catastral” and spread – incrementally (0,1%/year) – its full implementation over 10 years, by applying a different “K” factor each year in the calculation. See below.

Base Liquidable is used in the calculation of the tax amount to be paid (“Importe a ingresar”). This “Importe a Ingresar” is arrived at by:
1) multiplying the “Base Liquidable” by the Tax Rate (“Tipo de Gravamen”), which gives the Cuota Integra/Cuota liquida participada.
2) deducting any discount (“decuento” ) listed on the IBI.

The BASE LIQUIDABLE is arrived at by:

1) Multiplying the 2009 “Valor Catastral” by a “coefficiente de actualización” (2009 = 0,0/none; 2010 = 1,02 – etc);
2) deducting the 2008 Valor Catastral from the 2009 Valor Catastral;
3) multiplying the result of 2) by the factor “K” (0,9 for 2009; 0,8 for 2010 and so on);
4) deducting the result of 3) from the result of 1) to arrive at the value for the “Base Liquidable”.

You will have noticed that your Tax Rate is NOT applied to your 2009 Valor Catastral but to the (lower) Base Liquidable to arrive at the Tax Due Amount (Importe a Ingresar) on your IBI.

I didn’t invent it and I hope it will help.
Sorry for my English; it is not my mother language.