Re: Re: Let’s hear you guestimates, the Spanish property market.


@flosmichael wrote:

I have no idea what a sensible value would be…

Around what would the “sensible value” be in the area you are searching?

I look to what a young Spanish couple could afford, and then consider what I think is a reasonable, average home. Also, how much they (or I) would want to strain the monthly budget in mortgage payments to get something “better”.

For example, you can get an OK, but not great 3 bedroom terrace for 135K, it seems to me that this is still too high. 120K makes these OK value to me, but I would expect them to fall lower.

I am also seeing plenty of scruffy, detached houses, circa 150m2, 2000m2 plot for 220-400K. in my view these should range from 150-220K. And the houses that are 400K are really nothing special, just uninformed or unrealistic sellers.