Re: Re: Lawyer Problems and Indemnity



@Keith Brown wrote:

I have a problem with our off plan build contract – The construction company is going bust and are offering an alternative apartment which we dont want. It is clear they never had building consent for the original development although the contract says that they did. There was no bank guarantee with our deposit that we paid in January 2004 – we stand to lose 60,000 Euros. If we cant recover from the builders aren’t the lawyers liable because they failed to check the status of the building licence – it appears they did not research whether it was valid and just accepted what the builders said to them. The lawyer is registered with the Alicante Law Society – have we a valid claim against the indemnity fund? The lawyers had other failings as well – is it easy to set up a claim against the lawyers insurance?

We are having the same problem on our purchase but with no offer of an alternative property. We are trying to claim under the lawyer’s indemnity insurance through the colegio and have dispensed with their services in the meantime. We have engaged a new lawyer to pursue the claim.
Like you there are others here who have had a problem with lack/revocation of building licenses.