Re: Re: law change on renting private property to tourists



Some of the new laws are hard to understand, especially for foreigners, but the overriding factor is Spain’s desperate need to improve its woefully inadequate tax collection system.

Because of its membership of the EU and Eurozone, Spain now finds itself on the same playing field as the Northern Europeans, who have far more efficient tax collecting systems in place.

Spain is trying to catch up, the foreign assets tax is the big one, but there have been many other much smaller schemes, like this holiday rentals one.

On a personal level I’ve just been presented with a back-dated car emissions tax increase from the regional tax office. It’s not for very much, but it doesn’t make sense. I’m going to pay it, it’s not worth arguing over, but I don’t even know how to. I have a daft three-page letter telling me I owe a small sum of money, but it doesn’t tell me how to pay it.

(I’ve telephoned the local office and they’ve never heard of it).