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Las Vegas Sands announce they have got the necessary funding to start construction in December 2013

Las Vegas Sands president Sheldon Adelson announced on Tuesday that the firm has attracted sufficient funding to begin construction of mega-casino complex Eurovegas in December 2013.

…and the Paramount theme park in Murcia plans to start construction in January 2012, plus the new(??) airport at Covera will start operating in March 2012 😆 😆 😆 Opposition says it is all propaganda! Have seen photos of the stone they laid in the summer, now covered over by sand, actually it wasn’t a stone, just a square block of concrete. Probably a couple of bulldozers will be seen digging over a field…still no investors 🙄

Well I can’t say much about Murcia as I don’t know the area, but it’s looking increasingly likely that the EuroVegas project will go ahead. Various laws (to the annoyance of the opposition to the plan) are being carried out by Madrid.
The financing, which some claimed would be a sticking point appears to be much in hand. Indeed, if the banks did fail to provide financing there’d probably be plenty of investors in a share issue, seeing how Sands have given a huge dividend payout instead of paying anticipated tax rises.