Re: Re: Las Vegas Sands plans mini-Vegas in Spain (Euro-Vegas)


This development would not be in Puerto Banus but farther down the coast as it needs to be a stand alone resort. Vegas is like it is now because of when it was built original nobody in the right mind would copy that today. Vegas had to reinvent itself a few years back because of dwindling numbers hence why now all the hotels have some form of theme element to them. Why is Orlando, Florida one of the biggest convention centres in the world, because of all the things you can do with the delegates in between the convention schedule.

Barcelona or Madrid airport would struggle with a massive increase in numbers on top of there usual amount, Malaga has plenty of spare capacity. Also lets not forget the Middle Easterners love to gamble and they love Andalucia. So do the Eastern Europeans but as always with these types of developments they are not integrated into local towns, they stand alone. 10 – 15 billion euros investment can buy a huge developments resort.