Re: Re: land grab and the new “buyahouse” service


I am a prospective purchaser of property in Spain. Having purchased in Mexico (No money changes hands in Mexico, but rather through banks in the US where they have escrow/ trust accounts) I am aware of the financial pitfalls if one does not do some research before buying. As I understand Cbyrne, when you purchased your property , there was no indication that it was subject to urbanization. Then out of the blue a builder decides that yours and your neighbours property can be developed and without any say in the matter he was able to acquire half of your land? What if you don’t want to sell? Can you refuse ?
Was this perhaps something that your solicitor at the time of your purchase should have picked up on? To avoid this problem are there properties that I should stay away from.
It no doubt has made your house a more difficult sale with this uncertainty hanging over it .