Re: Re: La Reserva



Thanks for reply Suzanne.In Manzana 6 as far as i’m being made aware by my solicitor,there are no licences being issued.The developers have applied some months ago and are therefore pleading the ‘administrative silence’ option. My lawyer has been fairly straightforward in his advice in basically telling me it would not be wise to complete, so therefore take the developers to court to retrieve deposit. As far as the bank guarantee is concerned,it was an option to be taken up in the small print in my purchase agreement costing 2000 euros, which i did not pay. But my lawyer says that even if i had paid to obtain this insurance policy,it would not have helped in these cases.
As i’m not unhappy with my lawyer so far,i may stick with them. Just out of interest though. What does your claim detail through your lawyers. I mean apart from deposit and interest,could it include furniture bought,expences,etc.