Re: Re: La Cala, Los Arqueros or Sotogrande?


flosmichael wrote:
FFM wrote:
We are a family of 3 (soon 4!) based in London who are considering buying a 2-3 bed apartment or townhouse either on an established golf development or within 10-20 minutes drive of one. We will be using it for long weekends, some holidaying and also letting friends and relatives use it when we are not there ourselves.

I am planning to go and visit one or two of them in the next few months but it would be nice to hear in advance if anyone can share experiences from one or more of the above and could elaborate a little about the pros and cons and the different ‘feel’ about them and the surrounding areas? We obviously enjoy golf but equally important is good access to beaches (15-20 min drive), restaurants, towns, etc.

Also please feel free to suggest other resorts or areas we may not have considered within an hour from Malaga!

Many thanks!

Go rent and then decide. Prices are falling as we speak, there is no hurry, you have at least 2 years before the bottom.

Very good advice, rent first, there are so many properties for sale , plenty of desperate sellers, if your money is burning a hole in your pocket rent look for a property you like, offer 50% of the asking price. The seller will probably laugh in your face but will probably be back in a month or two asking if you are still interested at your valuation.

Do not listen to the “green shoots” lobby it is the local media looking for advertising, agents looking for some income before they have to close due to lack of business. The banks are repossessing properties every day, at the moment they are not actively trying to sell them but when they are forced to sell, this will be a tremendous downer on the market.

Unless you find a property you really like at a price a lot less than the asking one, wait 2-4 years before entering the market.