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@katy wrote:

You are a joke 😆 😆 A bit of a King Canute 😛 I leave the cherry picking to sites like think Spain etc and read the full official ones.

Seen Logans thread with the Guardian link…is everyone wrong…been on BBC this morning too!

Well I see you’ve reverted to ad-hom attacks straight-away – lost the argument already? Or just in denial over Volkswagen, Ford, Renault and Nissan all investing in Spain?

Incidentally I see the 50 euro autonomo fee for young entrepreneurs as being the best measure the PP have introduced.

Good to see firms like MercaDona, Inditex and Restalia are expanding both inside and outside Spain. The more people who find work the better.
Restalia (100 montaditos and La Sureña) to open 450 new outlets in 2013.