Re: Re: Just when we thought it was all over.


@katy wrote:

From the Land registry

Biggest risers 2012

Rise Average

Merthyr Tydfil* 20.3% £73,662

Greater London 8.4% £371,223

Salford 6.8% £91,508

Brighton & Hove 5.3% £229,004

Anglesey 5.1% £134,328

West Berkshire 5.% £232,043

Swansea 4.8% £112,007

Flintshire 4.5% £126,656

Bristol 3.5% £169,667

Oxfordshire 3.0% £243,237

Surrey 3.0% £303,700

Usual places have dropped eg. Bradford, Hull etc.

Even you must admit the figures are better than the PIIGS. Especially Spain!

I forgot to mention, UK mortgages are UP too :mrgreen:

Over expensive house prices is a big minus on the economy.
It means we may be in for a big slump before it gets better.

If only we’d had the crash a few years back. We wouldn’t now be having the triple dip. I’m getting work from foreign sources here in London, so things are at last looking up personally, but it’s looking grim for much of the local youth.