Re: Re: Just had Legionnaires Disease, be careful with your A/C.



Glad to read you have made a full recovery Chris.
My husband caught Legionaires which like yourself our Spanish doctor initially diagnosed and treated as flu. He was hospitalised for 17 days and is very fortunate to have lived to tell the tale. It took him over a year to get completely well again so please take extra care of yourself.
To be fair most people wouldn’t catch this disease unless of course you are a smoker of certain maturity or have, albeit slight, other medical conditions.
When H & S investigated it was from the irrigation water we use only for our garden. According to them only aircon via cooling towers as in public buildings (including hospitals) !! is dangerous. So houses and cars are completely safe in that respect.

Other places are showerheads if not via mains water, fountains in Spain and, as was mentioned previously, windscreen wiper water. The latter being something most of us wouldn’t even think about.