Re: Re: Just had Legionnaires Disease, be careful with your A/C.


Chris M

@Claire wrote:

Great advice gus -lopez.

Yep really good advice all round from everyone I think. As ever on this forum.

Me, I played golf three times since Saturday, so I think that is the recovery officially – hopefully – confirmed as done and dusted. Thanks for the best wishes, and I for one have put some washing up liquid in the car window screen wiper, but like Melosine says, you have also to be a certain type to catch the thing and also incredibly unlucky I think.

Three more rounds to jam in now before returning to UK on Monday. Eeeehhh, you can knock Spain all you like but my goodness even while working this week, the recreation and weather, change of pace and perspective has been a massive tonic.

And talking of tonic, going to have one of those this evening with a gin thrown in too, and an extra one too, because our local bar has finally woken up to the notion of doing second one free during November as a bit of an incentive – still think the price of a single G&T is a liberty almost everywhere though!