Re: Re: Just had Legionnaires Disease, be careful with your A/C.



As Melosine has said , unused shower heads are the quickest way of catching the disease. In our 2nd bathroom ,which is only used when our daughters come I always make a point of putting the shower head in a plastic bag which you tie around the hose , then leave it on the shower base & turn the water to full heat & leave running for at least 5 mins. You can also pour in to the bag ,chlorine before turning it on. You should never operate a shower head that has been unused for a long period especially in spring / summer, without putting it in a bag to prevent water atomisation ! The bacteria can build up & the instant someone operates the shower the atomised water vapour becomes airborne in huge quantities !
A normal indoor a/c unit should never really have the problem unless you use it for heating , when there ‘s the likelihood of the same conditions occuring. When they refer to air conditioning they are referring to water-cooled condensing towers which are mainly used on industrial & office buildings & which are required by law to be deep-chlorinated every 6 months.

Glad to hear that you are recovering .