Re: Re: Just askng?


I don’t agree with successive UK Gov’ts reliance on and the artificial inflating of the UK property market, bog standard property in and around London is very expensive as it is, young people find it hard anyway to get on the ladder, but this also happens with other forms of markets globally too, a Soros steps in, a war starts, and before you know it a currency is bought or sold off, gold rockets, property booms or crashes as do stock markets. The most some of us can hope for is to get in near the beginning of a lift-off, get out before the others do and make some profit, and property has been very good for us personally, the one market that has really helped us, as has currency twice although I steer clear of it normally. We never hang on too long with a profit on a particular property, I think Rothschild said ‘you never get poor by taking a profit’, and someone said ‘leave something for the next man’, it works too 😉 😛

Whatever any of us do though is often out of our hands, if I bought shares tomorrow the market would fall in the short term 🙄