Re: Re: Jobless numbers fall



@itsme I agree with you that young people need to be prepared to do work experience, I graduated last year from a Hispanic Studies degree and have had to take 2 unpaid charity jobs and a management job at a market and now I’m looking for work experience in property firms.
However I think that young people going into further education need to be given clearer information on how useless some degrees have now become e.g. most of the arts subjects. If I had known this before the degree then I would have definitely done something more vocational. its true that everyone must play the game of work as you put it, but after getting into tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt it does seem ridiculous having to spend months working for free, a year after my degree ended and i havent had one full time paid job after applying for jobs at all levels
also it is very hard getting the low paid jobs that ‘anyone could get’ because those employers don’t want to employ overqualified graduates but would rather employ people who will stick around for a while. so you get stuck between being overqualified for these jobs but unable to get any graduate level roles. the universities need to close the gap between education and the labour market especially now that students are paying 3 times more per year than what they were before