Re: Re: Jobless numbers fall


It is good news but also some of the southern mentality baffles me. There are quite a few educated Uni graduates who I know who want a certain job or nothing. They have studied X so therefore they will only work at that. They want the high wages, air-coned office, a title but seem to not accept that they might have to work their way up. I was talking to a girl who had qualified as an architect. She was working in a bookshop. I asked if she had considered working as a junior to a well know local architect and she looked at me as though i’d suggested she hand her degree back. No, she is going to work in the bookshop until she can set up her own office. ??? Why doesn’t she become a junior, learn from experience and then go out on her own?

Is that a real Spanish mentality? Lots are going abroad to the UK, Germany, Switzerland. Is it because they can get more menial jobs but don’t get seen in their locality ‘lowering themselves’?

There is a cousin who is very clever, articulate and personable but she has spent a year at home with her parents in the small town ‘because there isn’t a public sector job’ available for her (!!!) Why doesn’t she do some work experience, learn the realities of working in an office? I worked at 14/15 years old during school holidays at a local solicitors office. I made tea, franked the post, tidied up, took the paperwork to the court etc. I’m not now a solicitor (sadly for my bank account) but it was real lessons in work.

I think that the mentality of many youngsters in Europe has to change. They all don’t deserve high paid luxury jobs just because they have a degree. They have to play the game of work, and that is what they have no experience in.