Re: Re: Jingle keys – (handing back the keys to your home)



@katy wrote:

The junta have the power and they have done it….nearly every illegal building legalised at the stroke of a pen. Banks are giving mortgages on buildings where they were frozen before.

Rocker you seem to rubbish every part of Spain except your own area, are you by any chance a property agent trying to bad mouth the opposition 😆

Blimey, with the sound of vuvuzelas ringing in my ears, and fireworks going off all around because Spain has just beaten Paraguay, I’m reminded that I’ve lived in this marvellous country for 22 years, the first six years in Marbella.

I wouldn’t criticize an inch of it, and I’m not an agent of any sort; I can’t stand those diabolical hypocrites who have made money from selling dreams to their fellow countrymen, knowing that they were lying.

I’m also not keen on the distracters who have lived in Spain previously and came unstuck for some reason, perhaps because of their own stupidity, and now post negative nonsense at every opportunity.