Re: Re: Jingle keys – (handing back the keys to your home)


Chris M

@Rocker wrote:

I’m sorry, when I come across something that is plainly daft, I can’t keep my mouth shut.

Oh dear, it was you who said, I believe, that there were tens of thousands of illegal properties around Marbella, that IMHO was daft, and ridiculous in fact, so as politely as I can put it… you do probably need to keep your mouth shut, because it doesn’t seem you can even follow your own argument.

It was YOU said tens of thousands, jeeze louise! Then you mention 70, and am not even sure what their position is in the PGOU, they might even be legal and it be a case of fraud and corruption only, well I know only is not the best term to use.

Where are the tens of thousands of illegal properties that exist and therefore say – yes, Katy and myself included now, are being ridiculous.

I took me years to – think before I posted – on this site, I still haven’t mastered it, but Angie got me posting less voluminously, and that is even when she says things that dig me in the ribs and get my gander up.

But at least when she posts, she is usually right with her facts and spot on the issues.

You are neither at this moment.