Re: Re: Jingle keys – (handing back the keys to your home)

Chris M

@Rocker wrote:

I’m sorry, but that is ridiculous. There are tens of thousands of illegal properties around the area and the latest attempts by the Junta to legalise them is to offer the unfortunate owners time to pay for the legalisation process, as most are unable to raise the necessary sums by a one off payment.

It was not ridiculous, and Katy is entirely accurate.

There are a handful of properties that are now illegal in the Marbella area, almost certain also that none of those fully built will ever be demolished and Katy was also entirely correct that Marbella is the safest place to buy in Spain for anyone today.

Would that it had never been necessary for Marbella to have gone through what it has, so that we take some sad level of satisfaction in its status today, but am afraid you are making yourself ridiculous by telling Katy, who has had her finger right on the pulse of Marbella for longer than anyone I think on this forum, that sorry she is ridiculously wrong.

You are indeed so wrong as to be ridiculous, gosh, be careful what statements you make as fact, and have you been following the forum for long, everyone knows that Marbella has no more illegal property issues.