Re: Re: Jingle keys – (handing back the keys to your home)



@katy wrote:

You maybe mixed up with Chiclana….aren’t you the one who criticised this forum for negative posts ❓ Now you want to rubbish the truth, all is not legal except your part of the costa blanca…………hmmmmmmmmmmm 😆

My part of the Costa Blanca has suffered just as many problems as the rest of Spain where the expat communities have congregated, but nowhere near the scale of Marbella.

I don’t remember commenting on the number of negative posts, this forum seems to be well balanced and realistic and I wouldn’t dream of criticising long established members, but I did notice, in the passing, that some comments because of bitterness from negative experiences seem to dominate some threads.

To combat any mistaken conception of what I’m about, I can only say that I love Spain, warts and all, and a return to the UK fills me with absolute dread. I’ve just come out of the swimming pool and it’s too hot for my liking, but the extreme heat only lasts for another two months and I’ve got a holiday in cool Suffolk to look forward to.