Re: Re: Jingle keys – (handing back the keys to your home)


The madness has either never gone away, or has started up again. I know a local agent, a recent start-up, who is unbelievably busy. He directs clients to a nearby bank and mortgages of well over 100% are the norm, along with some clever manipulation of the application forms etc etc., just like before.

The pent up demand from northern Europe for the Spanish sun is as strong as always and the recent recession has been forgotten. I’m witnessing the poorly paid and even unemployed going for the cheap rubbish out there, but also the dreamers buying villas, and all properties are still falling in value.

The new buyers remind me of the wagon trains heading for California, nothing on earth will stop them from pursuing their dream. Every sad face at the airports heading home is replicated by smiling optimism coming the other way.