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thanks for that guys; just trying to get a legal answer for my poor staff as they really are quite ill with fear and regret!!

They can’t send them to prison.

They can only ask that a proportion of any wages be embargoed and then only over a certain amount and percentage, so…

I don’t think there is a huge problem here, beyond them not being able to get future credit or mortgages which it sounds like they won’t want anyway.

In the UK, these days that is just easy, you go declare yourself bankrupt and you are discharged in six months, and zero stigma involved today, I would be interested to know how that works in Spain though, can one become a bankrupt and have one’s debts discharged as in the UK?

Surely these people can’t be hounded for ever and a day, again, it was the banks at fault here for making the stupid, i would say criminal loans really.

Chris is this last paragraph written with hindsight or as some would say that agents knowingly aided and abetted the banks in regard to these “criminal” loans???