Re: Re: Jávea Vs. Torrevieja ?



@tim_grig wrote:

Damas y Caballeros:

If you had to choose where to buy an apartment to live in: Jávea or Torrevieja, what town would you prefer, provided that the apartments (and the buidings) themselves in both towns are conditionally equivalent?

But most importantly why?
Could you please give reasons, incl. those politically incorrect?

In other words, are there any quasi-objective aspects or indices, where the two towns could be compared from the point of view of the quality of life there for a retired couple, being potentially visited by children and relatives? Now and in 5-years future.

E.g., access to hospitals, criminality rates, climate and weather conditions, shops and restos, friendliness of the local people, unemployment rates, composition of the population, public transport, plans for the future development of the territories.

I will highly appreciate your answers.


I would chose Torrwvieja for one reason: I would prefer to have a 3 bed/2 bath apartment/house in Torrevieja area than a 1 bedroom/1 bath in Javea, for the same price.