Re: Re: Is this the suicide of foreign bought property in Spain?

Fuengi (Andrew)

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So lets see what additional headaches can appear after buying property in Spain in 2009 (even if the homework is made and any legal issue avoided)

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– one can be asked to pay taxes for a price dictated by auhtorities who do not believe that prices can fall from the ridiculous levels of 2 years ago.

as a general rule of thumb, the values the authorities give on properties are still substantially lower than sales prices. Even if the authorities think that based on their calculations you should have paid more, if you can prove the value is what you paid via proeprty valuations’ you don’t pay the extra

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– one can be asked to pay thousands of Euros after recalculation of community fees.

they can ask all they want. If the administrator supplied a certificate on completion of the sale that the fees were paid up, then they can get [expletive]

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Of course one can go to court and pay hundreds of thousands of Euros to fight.

can be done for 300€ in the extreme case that they think they stood a chance of beating you.

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Question: is there any way to buy property in Spain without any post-buying headache?

of course.
have you lawyer do the right checks, find out the valor catastrals to calculate the value the gov. is going to give. Make sure you see officail proof the the community/ibi/basura/etc… is all paid on the day of signing.

If you use reliable people none of this will be an issue. You have just got to work out who these reliable people are.