Re: Re: Is this the prettiest village in Spain?



Returning to villages in Spain 🙂 the most impressive village I have ever visited is definitely Valdemossa on Mallorca.
Cobbled streets, honey-coloured stone houses set in the most stunning mountain location which is covered in greenery whichever way you look. It’s old but the architecture generally has a bit more ‘sophistication’ than the usual little white-washed villages.

There is a Carthusian monastary (circa 1399) where Chopin rented a ‘cell’ for the Winter. If you are ever there, I recommend a bakery-cum-cafe just round the corner from the monastry where they make a Mallorcan version of the Cornish Pasty – they are to die for!

If I had a few million, could definitely live there (one of the most expensive areas on the island) – even if it’s just for the pasties. 😆

Some pics here which will give you an idea of the location (amongst all the Chopin stuff):